Sunday, September 30, 2012

I missed this week's Friday Five

I really had nothing to say.  Nothing big or significant happened this week and I don't want to be repeating the same stuff over and over every week, although it may come down to it because  I think that I am that boring.  ha.

Yesterday we took a color tour, only about 30-40% of the colors were turning.   It was still fun.  We dove all the way to Lake Huron, and stopped at a random end of the road beach just to say we saw the lake.  We left our house about 10:30 and didn't get back until after 7.  We did make a casino detour.  Rob saw a sign and we went.  Of course we didn't win money, but we didn't really expect to anyway.

For the longest time I've been wanting to go to Bronner's  and was looking at the map and we were so close to it, but Rob was ready to go home.  When is the next time we will be over there.  We also drove right by Birch Run.  Seriously it was right next to the highway.  Ugh.

I did manage to get us all the way there and back just by reading the map.  We have a gps, but I was pretty proud of myself for not needing it.

On a baby related note, still no ovulation or even darker lines on an opk.  Cycle one I got a positive opk on day 19 and actually ovulated that day.  Cycle 2 I got positive opk's on days 16 & 17, and ovulated on day 19.  Ovulation is confirmed by temping and you don't confirm it until several days after you ovulate.  Today is day 19, and no positive opk's or even close to positives.  I know the miscarriage can mess things up,  but I don't think I'm even going to ovulate this cycle.  I should give it a few days.  I'll keep using opk's until then.

I was deleting some old text's today.  My phone has very little memory and I have to keep deleting them often.  I found some that were from the day after I found out I was pregnant  and was talking to my sister and I remember thinking how badly I wanted to tell her.  She had no clue because I was saying things like 'oh maybe this fall/winter we can try" and "I will chart so I'll probably know early but might not tell you etc..."Those made me a little sad, yet I kept them.  Maybe because I was so happy when I sent them.   I know I'll delete them, just not yet.

Speaking of my sister she is getting a little silly lately    And maybe she really is having a tough time, but all she does is sleep and complain of feeling sick.  She told me the other day she was sensitive to the smell of dirt.  And she probably really is those things, but as I've said I don't want to hear it because it makes me feel bummed out, and I think it's a little over the top anyway. (I haven't said this to her;  I told her I still wanted to hear about things because I didn't want her to have to tip-toe around me; I wish I hadn't) It's a good thing that she doesn't have to work, and  I know I won't get that luxury.

Rob told me we would go to Art Prize  today and even skipped church and then last minute he didn't want to go, so we didn't.  I tried to find someone to go with me, but no one was available.  I didn't really want to go by myself downtown.  I may go by myself anyway this week.

We did walk the nature trail in town though which we hadn't done before.  It's probably a mile, but it winds a lot through fields and tree's and is cute.

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  1. Keep your chin up - you'll get that positive OPK soon. I know it's the CP that's messing with your body. Just *try* (I know, easier said than done) to keep yourself busy! Thinking of you!