Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm pregnant!

Due May 21 2013!

I really thought I was out this cycle (cycle number 2. ( I had a huge temp dip at 10dpo and the same temp 7/8 times before that ( out of 9 days, I missed temping one and one day was different).

That was Friday (11dpo), I even put a bottle of wine in the fridge because I knew that I would want it after work and having my period.  Only it didn't show that day.  So I thought I saw a line when I tested at 11dpo on a wondfo (Saturday) but I just wasn't sure.  So I waited until yesterday (12dpo) and tested in the morning.  I didn't see a line within the time period, so I marked it as negative.  I did see one like an hour later.  Also my temp had gone back up on Sunday and when I still hadn't gotten my period that evening I tested.  I tested first on the wondfo and while the line was faint it was there without mistaking it.  So I grabbed one of the digital's I had on hand and dipped it in the pee cup all the while my hands are shaking.  Gross I know, but I didn't dump it out after the first test just in case.  After 3 minutes up popped pregnant.  I was freaking out.

After I got the line on the wondfo Rob tried to come in to the bathroom.  I had locked the door just in case.  I wanted to surprise him.  So I yelled don't come in, and then cracked open the door and said I'm doing something and don't want you to laugh at me.  He was like uh okay, and then went to the basement. Then I dipped the digital and when it said pregnant I grabbed the video camera and went downstairs.  I said 'hey do you want to know what I was doing in the bathroom?' and handed him the pee stick and said 'Do you see that?'  and he said 'Awesome' and then we hugged :)

How far along: 3 weeks & 6 days


Symptoms:  I am having knee pain, but I don't know if that's related.  I am having a little bit of nausea & am thirsty.

Maternity Clothes: No

Sleep: Same as normal.  Up once or twice a night to pee, but I've always been that way.

Cravings: Lucky Charms

Belly: Button in and no bloat yet.

Gender: Unknown

Milestones: I'm hitting 4 weeks tomorrow, that's a milestone for me.

Looking forward to: Everything!

What I miss: I did take a tiny sip of Rob's wine.  I'm not a big drinker but know that I can't have it, I want it.

Appointments: None yet, I don't even have an Ob/gyn.  I've always  gone to a family doctor for my annuals. I have to find one.  Actually I don't even have maternity insurance.  Our insurance agent recommended we not get it until we are actually pregnant because we don't have employee health plans.  And since he wasn't the only agent to say that we went with it.  So what sucks is the first six months won't be covered.  I will call next week and get that changed, and then make an appointment somewhere.

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