Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hoping for a better year in 2015

So it's been weeks since I posted and there is an explanation.

I mentioned a while ago about Rob having some health issues.  From the end of September when they began until early December we made 6 er trips, 4 requiring hospitalization. We spent so much money on pain medications and prescriptions flying past that deductible.   Doctors visits were at least weekly plus lab work and everything.

At the beginning of the December the decision was made to remove his colon and he had surgery.  He spent a few more weeks in the hospital recovering.  During the surgery part of his pancreas was damaged so blood sugar levels are now a issue and he takes insulin (although the hope is this isn't permanent and has to monitor his blood sugar levels multiple times a day.

The week after the surgery he had a blood transfusion as well which he was really hesitant to do but knew he needed it.

He hasn't worked in months (since shortly after Eleanor's birthday).   He's slowly getting stronger, but is still down 50lbs from when this started and doesn't really have much energy.  Really we only leave the house to go to the weekly appointments.

This week he was able to get his drain out that was put in due to fluid build up the week after the surgery.  That was a huge boost to his spirits because without it he can move around so much better.  The tubing doesn't hang down and get in his way and catch on things.  

He still has the illestomy bag and will until the summertime.  He will need two more surgeries before he can get rid of that.

On top of his constant frustration at being in pain all.the.time comes the stress at having no income (although the generosity shown to us by friends, family and stranger has been so unbelievably amazing.  Seriously we have been constantly overwhelmed and blown away).

I am going to start a babysitting job soon which won't bring in much money at all and will be a lot of work, but it's something and will cover a few of our smaller expenses.

As far as me I've struggled too.  I feel like I get overlooked by most in this process but it's been really tough on me.  I have had to do almost 100% of Eleanor's care.  I have to take care of her, and Rob.  It's been hard to balance their needs.  And constantly having to be 'on' means no mental break for me.  Rob can't even lift her - although now he is able to sometimes sit on the floor with her - so I can't even have him watch her for a few minutes while I run to the store or something.

Anyway 2014 didn't end on the best of notes, but I'm optimistic that 2015 WILL be better.

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