Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eleanor ~ 15 months

(I tried to get a nice picture but she would not still; I'll do a photo dump soon!)

She has had a verbal explosion this month.  She is saying so many words - to others they might sound
like jibberish but we know what she's trying to say. 

She's finally started saying "mama" again.  I hadn't heard her say it for what seemed like months.
  • Socks "ock"
  • Christmas tree "miss ee"
  • "papa"
  • "wuff wuff" All animals say this though according to her.
  • "Hi"  This isn't a new one but she says it all the time.  She will get in your face and say it over and over.
  • "Hello"
  • "Ball"
  • "Yellow" 
  • "Circle" 
I'm amazed at how much she understands now.  I can ask her to get a book and she will, tell her it's time to eat and she will go to her highchair, and when I say we need to change her diaper she will go right to her changing table. 

She can climb the stairs from the basement now.  I actually think she probably could have done it before but I never gave her the chance.

She can wave bye bye.

Her 12 months pajamas are starting to feel snug, and some of her 12 month shirts are turning into belly shirts.  Pants are 18 month.  

She's really starting to imitate actions and remember how things work.  For example she will get her socks or shoes and try to put them on.  

Eating with a fork and spoon have become a lot easier for her.

She still loves pasta in any shape or form, loves green beans, mandarin oranges, and donuts (although she only gets a teeny tiny bit of those).  

Another new tooth popped through.  That makes six now and a seventh is getting ready to push through.

Sleep this month was terrible.  We are finally getting it back on track.  She would be asleep and then I'd lay her down and she would immediately stand up and scream and scream and scream.  Get her back to sleep and the cycle would start over.  I'd try to lay on her floor and eventually she'd calm down and I'd slowly inch my way out of the room.  One night I spend an hour and half doing that only to have her stand up when she could no longer see me and scream.  So many nights I gave and bed shared with her.  But that wasn't working for me since she was taking up most of the bed.  So I set up the pack n play next to my bed and she's used it a few times.  I always start with the crib, but keep it there just in case.  We also tried cry it out.  After a few nights we were up to almost 45 minutes.  After that it got easier.  I've also been using a glo-worm and working to give her a lovey just at sleep time.  I'd tried before to do a lovey but she never took to it.

She's moving a lot faster now.  I'm not sure if I should call it running, but I will.

She loves to play the I'm gonna get you game.  When I come at her she runs away giggling.

She knows where her nose is.

Oh and she's a little stinker.  The other day she acted like she was going to drop her plate off her high chair tray.  She looked at me and pushed it, and then when I grabbed for it she pulled it back and laughed.  Well played Eleanor.

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