Monday, June 9, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 35 weeks


We tried cherrios and she liked those, but most wound up in the high chair. Same with the breadstick:  pieces I was feeding her at Olive Garden (not the healthiest choice; mom fail).  She also tried a few bites of the egg in my omelet and she kept wanting more.  I gave her a strawberry and I think she would have liked it more had it been easier for her to hold onto.

We went to a wedding reception and left her with Rob's mom (only our second date in 8 months) and she went almost 5 hours without eating more than a small amount of yogurt.  She was just holding out I guess.

She's started to discover her 'diaper area' during diaper changes.  I know that it's normal, but I still try to redirect sometimes.

She had just learned how to sit up on her own in last weeks post, but now she's doing it a lot.  Still startles me when I see it.

Last week I noticed her two front teeth coming through her gums and today I felt the teeny top sharp top of one poking through.  I couldn't get a picture of it though.

When she wakes in the middle of the night it's a lot harder to get her back to sleep.

She has been better at naps though.  I can usually get one good (hour plus nap) a day and a few catnaps.

She has a new obsession with plastic bags and wants to play with them (she doesn't get to obviously)

I heard an unusually cry from her when I was in the bathroom and came out to find her stuck under this toy.

Her cousin made her the onesie and picked out her outfit

Shopping for baby proofing supplies

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