Monday, June 30, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 38 weeks

I feed her fresh strawberries my dad picked on Friday.  I thought she was loving them but when I took her out of her high chair I found most in her lap.

I also bought her some of these since anytime I eat a frozen pop she is all over it (NUK Fill & Freeze Pops).
I filled it with baby food puree and she really liked them.  She knew what to do.  I'm sure I could have found some that were cheaper elsewhere but I went with these because I liked the handle/loop.

We had dinner at my sister in laws last night and she had cous cous and couldn't get enough!  I gave her blueberries this morning but she didn't really eat them.  

My friend was in town last week and visited most days in the afternoon and of course Eleanor wanted to play and didn't nap.  But nighttime sleep was a little better. 
Girl is all over when she sleeps; this was one night

She had just started crawling in last weeks update, but she's been doing it a lot more now. 

She could open and close this picnic basket for a long time. 

Ripping up a Cabela's catalog. 

My best friend visited this week

Pulling down her headband
Getting into the dvd's.

Getting into all the things

Crazy bedhead

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