Monday, June 23, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 37 weeks

Not the healthiest of weeks for feeding her.  Lots of potatoes - tater tots, potato wedges, and yesterday I stopped at Mcdonald's after church and she took the french fry out of my mouth at home.  Seriously right out of my mouth.

We did try chicken puree and she was kind of meh about that.

Sweet potato puffs (again with the potato thing) was another thing she liked.

Peaches were okay. I usually will try what she eats - just because- and actually I thought these were gross so on a rainy day I let her play with them.

I bought her a new straw sippy cup (Target clearance for the win) and she figured it out.  Which is good since she doesn't love bottles.

I'm always getting kicked in the face when nursing.

It was rough this week.  There were several drive around to get her to sleep days, and most days were wide awake for hours in the middle of the night days.

Friday night was bad.  I was so tired that I actually didn't wake up right away when the snuza (which I can't not use) went off.  Luckily it was because she wiggled it lose and was a false alarm, but not waking up right away to her needs worries me. 

Some new and exciting things this week!

Her second tooth popped through!

And she crawled for real, but only twice.  Once on Friday and once this morning.  Each time I'm like "Did she do that?"  Oh my word! She did!"

She can pull herself up to her knees now.

She says a lot of things that sound like words.  Like I was holding her so she couldn't crawl away when I was getting dressed and I'm sure she said "let go"  Haha.  Also I'm pretty sure she said "mama" but it was mixed in with crying so I'm not positive.

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