Monday, June 16, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 36 weeks

She had an asparagus spear and loved it.  She spent the entire dinner time eating or gnawing on it.  We tried pureed turkey and she seemed to do okay with it.
We also had tacos one night and gave her a little bit of tomato, ground beef and onion.  She really liked the tomatoes.  

I am guilty of giving her Veggie Straws.  They probably aren't the worst

 thing she could be having, but there isn't much nurtritional value in them, if any.  They are easy for her to hold, probably feel good on her gums and let me eat lunch so I do what I do.

Sometimes I feel bad though when she doesn't get 'real' food.  I understand she's mine with just breastmilk, but I think it's good that she is exposed to other flavors.  I wouldn't say we are picky eaters, but we aren't very adventurous.

She's bit me a few times with that little tooth of hers.  Ouch!

Naps are getting better.  She usually will take a pretty good (at least an hour, often 2 hour) nap in the afternoons, but the actually time varies.

There have been a few nights where she's woke up crying and sits herself up and I know she's not going to put herself back to sleep after that.  

Last night she fell asleep at 7:30/7:45, slept about an hour and woke up crying. Rob went in there, got her back to sleep and back in her crib successfully.  Then she stirred around about 4 am, I fed her but she didn't fall back asleep until almost 6.  If I put her in the crib she screams and in bed with me she plays around.  I usually just keep her in bed with me because I'm to tired to stand.

I am thankful that Rob is able to put her back to sleep.  It's been a lot less stressful on me because I am not having to keep going in there and doing it.

She's going to have a second front tooth pop through really soon.  I can see that little white sliver at the top.  I just noticed that yesterday so I think it will be through in the next few days.

She's also going to be crawling soon.  She can get on her knees and move forward but only once before
falling.  When she does it twice I'll count it.

We went to an open house this weekend.  I left the diaper bag in the car and just grabbed the clutch with a diaper and a few wipes.  She had a massive blowout.  Of course.  Trying to change her in a strangers bathroom and then having to walk back to the car (which was a little ways away because it was a combined open house) with her just in a diaper wrapped in my sweatshirt was pretty funny.  I kept the big bulky bag with me after that.

It was a busy week for her.  She saw my parents, my sister, brother in law, nephew, brother,  Rob's mom, Rob's grandparents, Robs sister and my other nephew and niece.  She only didn't see Rob's dad and my brothers daughter.

Yesterday was Father's day.  Eleanor 'made' him a card and shirt (and she has a matching one).

She's developed a love for the door stopper

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