Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waiting game

I hate it, as I'm sure everyone ttc does.  Waiting for my period or a positive test.  At this point I think I'm waiting on my period.  I was really optimistic when this cycle started, even before I ovulated.  Then we had great timing (o-2, o-1,o and o+1).
 I had a negative test yesterday and today.  I know it's still early (11dpo; I'd be 3weeks 4 days if I was pregnant), but I've just had those period on the way signs.  Sore boobs, cramps, backache, headache etc...
I ordered some cloth pads last week. Yes I know some think this is gross, Rob does, but I've been wanting to try they for a while.  So while I would really love to not have to use them, I am okay with it, because I am kind of excited about trying them.  I am fully aware of how lame this makes me sound.

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