Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breaks my heart

The shootings yesterday, that is.  I had to stay off of the internet for a while because every single story and facebook post was about it.  I understand it and it's horrible.  I just couldn't handle it anymore. 
From the first mass shooting I remember (Columbine High School) they seem to constantly be there.  They happen in schools, malls, places of worship, movie theaters.  And no where seems to be safe anymore.
Every one is horrible, but this one is so much more so, and it's because little kids were targeted.  I work with kids and I see how innocent they are.  I can't even fathom the fear they felt and how they were probably crying out for their mom's and dad's.  That's horrible.
Addie was having a tough time at nap yesterday and Troy was sick and teething and so fussy, but I couldn't get mad at them.  They aren't my kids, but I love them and couldn't imagine someone hurting them. 
So yes, I understand God is God and he allowed it to happen.  It's just hard to understand why. 
Why parents have to not have their children and while tragic any time of the year, so close to the holidays is going to make it worse and every year it's going to be a reminder of the tragedy when it should be a joyful time.
Life sucks. People suck.

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