Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Five 12/7

*I had this all typed out and even though I am sure it was saved it's gone.  So I'm going to shorten it this time around. Annoying*
1) I am going to have a nephew in April.  My sister found out this week that it's a boy.  They are naming him Gabriel Stanton and calling him Gabe. I'm so excited to have 2 nieces and 2 nephews.
2) This got us talking about baby names and I think we have decided on them.  It's honestly not a big deal, because I'm not even pregnant and our minds may change, but Rob brought it up the other day.  I've thrown names out and have a few boy and girl names that I like but nothing that I was set on.  However Rob did tell me he is okay with my top choice for each gender.
3) I had a positive opk yesterday on cd 15 (I also had one today), which is the earliest I've ever had one so hopefully I will ovulate sometime over the weekend. The worst part of each cycle is the waiting to ovulate.  Once it's happened and confirmed it's already 3 days past.  I start testing at 9 or 10 days, so it's really only a week I have to wait.
4) I made enchiladas this week for the first time.  The were really easy.  I'm not a big fan on Mexican food, but I think I will make them again.
5) I've had a cold most of the week, which has made it difficult to do anything on my days off.  I feel like I really need to be productive because I don't work as much and need to make up for it around the house.  But I couldn't really do much other than sit around and rest.
6) I can't believe I haven't paid attention to this before, but Rob get's so proud of himself when he makes me laugh.  He just get's this look on his face and it melts my heart and makes me love him even more.  I don't really know how to explain it.
~This is probably inappropriate and I shouldn't find it funny, but I did.  I laughed. A lot.

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