Friday, December 28, 2012

2012's last Friday update

1) Rob started a new job this week.  He is working for my sister's father in law.  I really hope he sticks with this one. The constant switching of job's is stressful.  I want him to be happy; it's just the switching and unknown that comes with it s not something I want to do for a while.  He just switched job's in April.
Perks to this job include insurance and I'm excited about this.  Group insurance tends to be cheaper and have better coverage. Private insurance stinks.  Instead of working 8-6 everyday he works 8-5 except Wednesdays and he will work until 7 that day.  It was so nice last night to have had dinner, gone to the gas station and the grocery store and be back home by 7 (and he had worked a little late).  Usually it's close to 7 before we even eat dinner.  And finally it's super close to where I work.  He could stop over at lunch if he wanted to.
But the family I work for is moving at the end of January or early February.  They are moving 5 minutes away.  So while it's only a 15-20 minute commute and I don't generally have traffic, I am totally okay with 5 minutes.  I plan on bringing the kids over in the summer and spending time here.
I will however need to do some baby proofing.  Our house isn't to bad though but I will need a baby gate for the steps.

2) Speaking of baby proofing I nearly had a heart attack at work.  I laid Troy down in his crib for a nap.  He generally cries for a few minutes and falls asleep.  I had just been talking to his mom today about how mobile he was getting and how he is pulling himself up somewhat.  I kind of had that in the back of my mind when I laid him down, but his parents hadn't said anything and he had never tried that in the crib and I honestly thought he would just cry and fall asleep.  I walked back downstairs and was down maybe a minute.  I took a drink of water and heard a thud, and knew he had fallen out of his crib.  I ran up there as fast as I could with the water still in my mouth scared of what I would find.  He was crawling toward the door crying.  I picked him up and he calmed down, but I was scared he had a head injury.   I gave it a moment and he was acting like himself, but I called him mom and of course she didn't answer.  Had he been lethargic or sleepy or having other serious signs I would have called again and called 911, but once he calmed down he was totally himself.

3) I  often win contests and I have discovered great products and companies that way. However I realize that while you are giving something away that doesn't mean you should treat me any differently.  For example I won a costum made diaper.  I picked my pattern and emailed the blogger back.  After months and several emails I got 2 diapers which was nice, but neither was what I requested.  I will never actually give that company money.
One the flip side there are companies that I have won products from and had those products within days and been impressed with.  I would actually spend my money on them.

4) The last cycle was a bust as I thought.  I'm on cycle 6 now.  I am trying more stuff this cycle.  I won this stuff called Bona Dea and I'm going to try that.  I also bought POM juice but that is expensive stuff so I bought cheap pomegranate juice blend and are going to mix them.

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