Monday, August 22, 2016

Mallory ~7 Months~

She loves food.  We've yet to find something Mallory won't eat.  We do a mix of purees and real food.  She loved green beans, raspberries, and rolls the most. 

I'd say she could go 3-4 hours between nursing sessions, but she also nurses to sleep so I just nurse on demand.

She has two teeth now.  I didn't even know she was getting them because she wasn't cranky or fussy and actually had slept better the few nights before.  So I was pretty surprised when I noticed them.

She's army crawling and rolling and trying to get into anything she can.  Plastic bags & cords are a favorite.  Even stuff off the ground isn't necessarily safe.  She's determined.

She's still stingy with her laughs, but smiles often.

Lots of cooing and shrieking.  She makes these sounds that I've notice or remember 'mama' 'hi' 'aaah' 'yuh' 'nnn'

Naps are still terrible 90% of the time.  Every once in a while I can transfer and she'll do well.

Nursing to sleep almost every single time.

Night sleep is slowly getting better.  Some nights are horrid and I spend hours trying to get her down.
She sleeps all the way through the night (8-10 hours) about 10 percent of time time.  Otherwise there is usually one wake up.

I weighed her today and she's at the 15 lb mark.

Six month clothes, although there are some 3 month onesies that fit. 

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