Sunday, September 4, 2016

32 Weeks ~Mallory~

I tried a teeny tiny bit of peanut butter, and she did okay with it.  No reaction that I noticed.
She liked cucumber slices.

If I can get her asleep, always by nursing still, and get her to lay in her crib she will usually give at least one hour nap.  She'll cry when I lay her down most times but if I can run out of the room and she settles back down we will be good for a little bit.

If all else fairs usually persistence and a carrier helps. 

If I leave her in the living room to go down the hallway she will crawl after me now.  She's been crawling into Eleanor's room to play and all over the kitchen.  I was already pretty vigilant about scanning the floor for things, but I've amped it up now that she doesn't stick to one room. 

Rob was gone one night and they really needed baths so I used a bath seat and Mallory did okay in it.  Eleanor wanted to help and squirted water in her face and scared her so after that it was all over.  I also gave her a sink bath for the first time (I'd never even done that with Eleanor).

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