Friday, August 12, 2016

Mallory ~31 Weeks~

Went to my cabin the other day.  She slept maybe 45 minutes over a 13 hour period.  Gaah.

Sometimes when I set her in the crib she will cry and then roll over and go to sleep and sometimes she will just cry.  But I need to just give her a moment instead of picking her up immediately.

Green beans were awesome.  Kiwi was good.  Raspberries (I can't remember when she had these) but she loves them!

Oh and pancakes

She's sitting up much better this week.  I think she could probably go maybe 20-30 seconds, but I don't really know.

When we were at the cabin I had her sitting in the water and she was splashing her hands in the river and it was so adorable.  She also ate a lot of sand though.

She's such a sweaty baby though.

Always getting into cords

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