Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Weeks ~ Mallory

She's had a few rough days where it was lots of crying and nursing constantly for hours.  I couldn't put her down or pass her off.  I love that she needs me, but I need food and the bathroom every so often too.

We were able to get outside a few times this week.  I bundled her up really well, put her in the carseat and then used the stroller or wagon.  The fresh air was really good for me (I hadn't been out since Christmas) and Eleanor loved it.  It's time to get a double stroller or something now that it will eventually get warm out.

She got to meet Rob's boss and his wife (who happen to be my brother in laws parents also).  They came bearing gifts (diapers for Mallory and play-doh and a coloring book for Eleanor - she got the better deal, lol!).  I love showing her off too. 

I tried to weigh her Monday because that was her one month birthday -say what?!?  I weighed me holding her and not holding her and the difference was 10 and 1/2 pounds.  So that would mean she gained 2 pounds in a a week and a half.

I think she's starting to get more predictability with naps.  I have no idea how many or much she should be sleeping, but I notice naps are nearish to the same time.   It's harder to get her sleeping  when Eleanor is in her face though.

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