Monday, February 22, 2016

1 month~Mallory

I blinked and a month went by.

She loves to comfort nurse in the evenings.  Only the evenings.  Usually when I want to go to bed.  But she is averaging 3 hours between feeds during the day and 3-4 at night.  This seems a long time to me, but she's having the dirty/wet diapers so I let it go. 

I pumped today for the first time.  I was nervous because pumping wasn't easy with Eleanor and Mallory had nursed a few hours before but I did okay.  I don't plan on Rob giving Mallory more than an ounce to start but I want her to be okay with bottles.  Eleanor was good at first but I had clogged ducts and stopped giving her them and she never wanted them after that so I won't do that again.

I think it's time to retire newborn one piece sleepers and pants (onesies are still okay) and I could probably go into size one diapers but I want to use the newborn ones first.

She's not good at burping.  Nursing longer stretches than I feel like she should be going but she's doing fine and having output so I don't worry about it.

She's a loud baby.  She makes a lot of noise when sleeping and several people have commented on it.

Eleanor still adores her.  I knew she would after an initial period of jealousy, but she has yet to show jealousy which has surprised me a little.    She get's so excited when Mallory opens her eyes.

Mallory sometimes will sleep on my chest in my bed, something I allow way more than I did with Eleanor.  Usually though she prefers to sleep in the crook of my arm when in my bed.

She is also particular in how she's held.  She doesn't like to be held in a cross cradle position.  She fusses until she's put upright.  If I set he on the playmat or changing table she will stretch out, and give a content like sigh and just be happy.

She loves her bouncer (but don't put her in here on vibrate after eating).

I tried weighing her last night and today by weighing myself and then holding her and both times was a 10 ish pound difference so I'm guessing she's 10 lbs.  That makes sense right to use that method?  But 10 lbs!?!

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