Friday, February 19, 2016

4 weeks ~ Mallory

She's still fussy and loves to comfort nurse in the evenings, but usually during the day she's good.
 She's gone a few 4 hour stretches and quite a few 3. 

She has a few newborn outfits that I 'may' be able able to get one more use out of.

We went to story time at the library this week and visited Rob at work yesterday.  I needed that get out of the house time. 

I went out with some friends for a drink on Monday.  I left both girls with Rob and even though I was nervous because I didn't have pumped milk (other than a few ounces from last summer) it was fine.  I fed her before leaving and told Rob to call me as soon as she was acting hungry and I could be home in just a few minutes.  But I made it home even before that happened.  I wasn't worried Rob couldn't handle it, only worried because she might get hungry.  But we all survived and I got some needed grown up time.

I do plan on pumping soon though.  I got my insurance covered pump so I have a back up if needed.

She's tough to burp which then leads to fussiness, but I've mentioned that before.

The other day I put her in a pants/shirt combo for the first time (as opposed to sleepers and onesies) and it was a mistake.  I was nursing her and she had a blowout.  Like leak out her pants onto the nursing pillow and keep leaking.  I'm glad Rob was around because he wiped some of it up so I could at least stand up and not worry about running seedy yellow poop getting all over.

My grandmas sent some clothes over this week with my mom and my aunt brought over a few outfits today for her too.  I feel bad sometimes because I haven't really bought anything for Mallory (other than a few outfits and a baby book).  Second child plus same sex child problems. Lol.  So I love that she is still getting a few new to her things. I'm sure that's ridiculous but still, she deserves new things too. 

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