Friday, August 7, 2015

22 Month Eleanor Update + A Ridiculous Amount of Pictures

She's getting close to 22 months so it's time for another update.

This girl is hilarious!  Like she does silly things all on her own and cracks herself up.

She's very vocal.  I know as her mom I think that she is so smart, but I've had other moms tell me that she speaks really well (as in clearly and with a big vocabulary).  I know it sounds like a brag, but it's not.  There are other areas that she needs improvement on and every child is different.

In the last few weeks she's starting to sing songs.  Sometimes with music and sometimes on her own.  It's super cute, but when she's supposed to be sleeping and I hear her singing the abc's I want to go "aaah stop"

She is still nursing one time a day, but I'm hoping to get rid of that soon-like this week.  I don't think she's getting much milk; it's more of a comfort and routine thing for her. I'm sad about it, but I do want a break before baby 2 arrives. 

She still loves to eat pretty much everything.  I'm happy to have such a good eater.  I have noticed she's not a fan of blueberry yogurt and only likes blueberries that are frozen but that's about it.   

She loves her dolls (her favorite!), books, and taking walks in the wagon

Size 4 disposable diapers,  18-24 month/2t bottoms, 18 month -  2t/24 month tops

She's finally getting back to sleeping through the night or most of the night in her crib.  When she would wake up I'd get her and put her in the pack n play in my room because I was to exhausted to deal.  She would always quiet down and go back to sleep easily in there.   We still have the occasional off night but it's better overall.   She normal sleeps until about 7:30am and falls asleep between 8:30/9 pm (on her own!)

I'm always amazed at her comprehension and memory.  She remembers things that happened one time
days ago.

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