Tuesday, April 2, 2013

14 weeks.

I haven't really elaborated much on what it took to get to this point, but in this post I mention some of the things that helped us get here. 

How far along:  14 weeks

Baby Size:  A lemon

Weight:  124.2 (only up 1.4lbs since finding out.  Tell me it's normal)


  • Major nausea this week. 
  • I've always had really wild vivid dreams, but they happen multiple times a night now (like the dream about a fire hydrant in the middle of someones kitchen table because that was where it had to be placed per regulations.  Not sure what would happen if a firefighter needed to get into the house to access it and no one was home. Ha.)

Maternity Clothes:  No, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to finally need a new bra.  I'm okay with my chest not growing.  It's already ample enough.

Sleep:  Crummy again.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to invest in a body pillow soon. I was up Sunday night every 2 hours.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I wouldn't really call this a craving because I didn't know I wanted them until I saw them, but we were at Sam's club over the weekend and I walked past the pickles and was like ooh gotta buy them.  Then I sent text my friend and told her because its such a stereotypical pregnant thing and she would think it's funny. 

Still not liking meat.  We were at Buffalo Wild Wings and I ate fries and chips and salsa.  I love the boneless wings, but couldn't eat them or really look at them.  I did actually eat a brat on Saturday (doused in mustard though).

Belly Button: In

Rings on or off: on

Gender:  I think I lean more toward a girl, but only because more people think its a girl and because I have more girl clothes and my favorite cloth diaper is a girls print.  I'm easily swayed though so convince me it's a boy and I might believe you. 

I had 2 baby related dreams.  The first one I had the baby and then we went home that night without the baby (maybe this was standard hospital procedure in my dream?), but we didn't know if it was a boy or girl. We never asked  I couldn't call and find out because 1) Bad parents that we don't even know and 2) I didn't want to find out over the phone.  So I woke up not knowing.

The second baby related dream involved me being in a Florida hospital because my sister was there also.  We were having dinner with my parents at the hospital and I was 36 weeks 6 days.  I thought I was going into labor, but ended up not having the baby.  Then when I really did have the baby there were so many people in the room that I had to leave my room to go use a public hallway bathroom.  When I came back my baby was born and was chilling out on a table.  It was a boy.

Name:  No final decisions, but my niece who is 7 thinks it's going to be a girl and we should name her Brooklyn.   I don't think that's going to make the cut.  It's not a bad name, but I don't think it's our style

Milestones:  Making it another week. 

Looking forward to:
 Feeling the baby, looking pregnant and not looking like I am overeating.

What I miss:  Not much this week. 

Labor signs: Nope, and not for a long time either. 

16 week in 2 weeks, and the a/s in 4 weeks.  I really excited about Rob going (because I told him the is NO WAY he is missing it) and getting to see the baby and see how it has grown.  He was at the first ultrasound, but missed the next 2.  I know he looked at the pictures and was excited, but I want to share the moment with him, while it is still in the moment.  

14 weeks. 

Best moment this week: Getting to see extended family at Easter.  They already knew about the pregnancy, but they were all really excited and happy for us and that was fun.  

The results from my nt scan are in.  Baby has a 1 in 4000 chance of having downs and a 1 in 18000 chance of trisomy 18.  I feel good knowing our baby is probably going to be healthy.

Rob is nesting for sure.  This past weekend he moved the guest bed into the office (the previous weekend he had finished up the room in the basement that was to be the office/craft/hobby room), then he brought up the bedding and room decorative set we had (I won it last summer).  He changed the outlets in the room over to tamper proof ones (which he had bought a loooong time ago).  He took down the light fixture and spray painted it to update the look (bonus that we had spray paint so it was free).
I think it's to early; in part because I'm still worried even though I have no reason to be, but because if we have everything all set so early what are we going to do the next 5 months? 


  1. I never gained more than a few pounds until 20 weeks with both of my girls. Totally normal! Enjoy the lack of weight gain now. It's coming! Haha.

    1. I'm more than happy to hold off on it. :) I'm just a worrier. My weight does fluctuate throughout the day, but I go by weight I take every Tuesday morning before getting dressed and eating.

  2. Love to read your updates! We got pregnant in March! I'm only 5 weeks pregnant now but I'm so excited. I found this neat Chinese Gender Chart on The Bump. Check it out on my blog when you get a sec. Just click my name to find my blog. =)

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