Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Road to a baby wasn't cheap or easy

The road to get to this point has been difficult at times.  And it has been expensive so far; I hear it get's worse. Haha.

$335 Progesterone supplements
$115 Doctor visit to try to talk about what could be causing the losses
$85 Blood work
$80 pregnancy tests (I used wondfo's and started testing around 9dpo.  Then I confirmed with one of these First Response Early Response or Clearblue digital
$40 on prenatal vitamins (I take a store brand gummy)
$25 on wondfo ovulation prediction kits also known as opk's.
$25 Fertility Friend membership (I highly recommend it, there is a free version; I paid for the vip; facebook often has special discounts for liking them, wait for one of those)
$20 Pre-seed (sperm friendly lube)
$20 Pom juice
$15 Taking charge of your fertility book
$10 Green tea
$10 Basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer

*I used a different brand of thermometer, but everything else I really did use and recommend.*


(Those are amazon affiliate links. I get 4% on purchases through the links. I'm new to it.  This is the first time I've used it)

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