Tuesday, April 23, 2013

17 week update

How far along:  17 weeks

Baby Size:  A hockey puck or an onion.

Weight:  126.4, up .2 lbs from last week.


  • Really tired
  • Super hungry lately
  • Smelling things that aren't anywhere nearby 
  • Winded very easily.  Like walking up the stairs with a laundry basket leaves me out of breath.  It could be that I'm super out of shape though.
  • Gassy ::hangs head in embarrassment::  Most are odorless, but I almost dutch ovened myself the other day
  • Sensitive; I've been crying more
  • This is a little tmi but I heard the term lightning crotch after getting pregnant and didn't understand what it meant.  I just experienced it last night.  Ouch Ouch.  

Maternity Clothes:  No, but I'm down to one pair of jeans that are comfortable.  I have one more that I can use the hair-tie trick on.  I am going to wash a few more to see how they work.  I have no maternity shirts for when I need them though.

Sleep:  I had two good nights and then the up all night every night started again.  I got some unisom, but I'm nervous to take it (even though my ob suggested it).

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Lots of fruit.  I wish it was cheaper though because I spent more on grapes than I want to admit. 

I can eat most things (other than meat), but in small portions.

Belly Button:  In

Rings on or off: On, but they have always been a little loose so I think they will fit for a while. 

Gender:  I'm really thinking girl.  I'd love a daughter or a son, but I think I will be surprised if it winds up being a boy.  Not in a disappointing way, but surprised.

Name:   Not sure if it's a girl, pretty sure if it's a boy. 

Movement:  No, although I try really hard to see if I feel anything sometimes.  

Best moment: We were really blessed to have some stuff given to us yesterday by family.  We got a swing/bouncer (although the swing part isn't working; Rob's going to have to figure it out), a play mat, a crib (we had one, but this matches better), a diaper bag, a bassinet and a few misc things.  Rob even has the crib mostly put together.  Being down to one income has put a freeze on baby spending so I feel so thankful for people who are giving us things. 

Looking forward to:  Finding out if baby is a boy or girl next week.

What I miss:  Diet coke (I've had the caffeine free version but it isn't as good)

Labor signs: Nope, and I'd be okay if they stay away for another 20 weeks

Appointments:  The a/s in one week!  20 week appointment on May 14. 

Misc.  I am starting to feel uncomfortable when I am sitting and lean forward.  I can't sit like that anymore.

I'm also a little bit freaking out about that fact that the anatomy scan is next week.  I posted about it here.  I know the purpose isn't to find out the sex of the baby, it's to check development.  Finding out is a bonus.  I just can't believe I'm already at that point.  I'm nervous also because I just want to know that the baby is healthy and doesn't have any issues.  


  1. Those anatomy scans are nerve wracking, because as moms we are all a bit neurotic, lol. But when they tell you everything looks great, what a moment of relief. Then you figure out something else to worry about! Congrats on baby!
    Stopping by from the Tuesday Baby Link Up

  2. I love that little onion! And my guess is girl also for no other reason than I just wanted to guess :) can't wait for 4/30!!

  3. So exciting! I felt the same anxiety about the anatomy scan, I think that's totally normal! Thanks for sharing with the Tuesday Baby Link Up Community. I hope you'll keep linking up and sharing as you progress.

  4. So exciting about the scan - always so amazing to see them swimming around.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower, Alice x