Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I feel like I'm bored with life.  Sure I went skydiving, but I need something else.  I need to volunteer, go learn something new (I totally would have taken fencing lessons with a recent groupon, but it was for kids lessons only).
I'm afraid of something happening to me, and I don't usually like to take chances.  I was scrolling through old pins today on and came across this.
I'm going to make this my motto in life, at least at the moment.

I was never a writer, never thought I was good enough to be.  For now that's okay.  This blog is still private from people I know, and I may  will publish it someday when I feel ready.  Someday though I think I'd love to make blogging my living.  When we have kids it would be perfect to do part time.  Some bloggers do it for the love of it, but I want to make a living from it.  Even if it's just a few hundred dollars a month, I'd like to contribute to my family, while being home with them.

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