Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Five: 8-24-12

Some of these are repeats or updates to last week.  I'm that boring apparently.

1) I went skydiving last Saturday, as I mentioned in the last Friday Five.  It was awesome, and once I get pictures I will post them.  I wasn't scared or nervous, although I may have screamed when I left the plane. It was really cold up there (12,000 feet) and I felt sick from the force (although it didn't feel like falling).

2) I am down to one week left at my current job.  I have had this job for over 5 years and I can't believe the end is really here.  I'm starting to get really sad.  I am making a photo book for them, but procrastinated and haven't finished it yet.  At least it gives me a chance/reason to go back and visit.

3) I have a new job lined up, I've had it since last fall, and I am really excited about it, but I'm going to make less money and I'm really stressed about it. I also mentioned this last week  This week in the mail we got a check for $900 because the house (which dh bought when we were dating) was not listed as his primary residence so he was paying extra taxes on it even though it was his primary residence.  Hopefully that money can go into our HSA.

4) I started a new project today.  My parents bought a console like table at a garage sale for under $5 and gave it to me.  I bought some stain and am redoing it.  It looks better already, but it had some scratches in it that I can't cover up.  Maybe another coat of stain will help.  Then I'm going to change the knobs in the drawers and put it by our garage entrance.

5) Number 5 is a biggie.  My sister called me this morning to tell me that she is pregnant.  I'm so excited for them, but I'm a little jealous and I know that I'm being dumb about it.  She is younger, got engaged first, married first, and is now having a baby first.  We are trying (but no one, other than my online friends know), and even though it's only cycle two, I'm frustrated (which is also really dumb) that she is pregnant and I'm not.  I know it's not a big deal at the moment and some people try for way longer with no success.   I actually cried a little about it.  I would never ever tell her this, but I wish Rob would have cared a little more when I told him.

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