Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting Pregnant

Is really not as easy as you would think.  I mean in school I learned you have sex, you can get pregnant.  It wasn't until I took a Teaching Sexual Education class in COLLEGE that I learned opposite, and in the time leading up to us ttc (trying to conceive), I've learned even more.

  • There is only a very small (2-3 days, 4 max) that you can get pregnant every month.
  • Even if you time sex perfectly that is no guarantee of getting pregnant.  You only have a 20% chance each month. 
Honestly, it's only Cycle 2, and I'm already disappointed. I knew the chances of it happening right away were slim, but I still hoped we would get lucky.  I've charted my temps, I've used opk's, I checked cm (sorry, tmi), which I had very little of last cycle and none this, (despite drinking a lot of water which is supposed to help).   I've done what I can to increase my chances, and I should take comfort in that, but I was still sad when I got my period.  Thankfully because of charting I saw the temp drop and knew to anticipate it,  as opposed to being blindsided by it.

I still cried though.  Rob didn't understand and thought I was being dumb. That was annoying because I wanted his support, but it's just not the same for guys.

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