Wednesday, January 2, 2019

December Goals

I finished the Bible!  On time.  The entire thing in a year.  First time in 33 years I've done that. 

I didn't read any books this month, but overall I read more than once a month so I am okay with that. 

No paying down debt.  I needed a root canal and our washer died so those things needed to be replaced. 

We had a date at Flo's.  This is one of my favorite places to eat at so it wasn't something new, but it was alright.  I just hope dates next year are more than just going out to eat.  Which is fine, but I think trying different things. 

For Christmas I made several new things.  Some were incredibly simple but they were all different)
  • Cranberry/walnut/feta cheese salad (which would have been good, but I didn't like the salad blend)
  • Ranch bread (french bread with melted butter/mayonnaise/ranch dressing dry mix)
  • Grinch punch (sprite/7 up, pineapple juice, lime sherbert, green Hawaiian punch-not sure the exact flavor) 

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