Wednesday, January 2, 2019

November goals

We had a date to a local brewery/restaurant the very last day of month (we had a date here over the summer; I like this place though).  Thanks to my friend for watching the girls.   Service wasn't great today, which was a bummer and Rob bailed on me immediately after we got home to go hang out with his friends but I guess it was still a date.

I made Brussel sprouts for the first time.  I actually just had them in October for the first time at a retreat and they were delicious.  I wound up making them twice this month, once for my family and once for thanksgiving where I got compliments and they were eaten so I will call it a win. 

Bible reading is going along. Same as always.  Some days I'm behind and some ahead, but still on track to finish on time.

No debt paid off, but we did pay off our Disney trip so I guess sort of.

Finished the Harry Potter series this month.  I was a little sad for it to be over.  But now I want to watch all the movies to see how they compare.

Purged some toys to church.

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