Wednesday, January 2, 2019

September Goals

We went on one date at the end of the month.  We went to a new restaurant and then tried to go to the adjacent wine tasting room.  It was their grand opening and was super busy and unlike any other wine tasting I've been too.  I didn't enjoy it.  Then we ran errands which Rob said wasn't a date.  I told him to make the plans next time. haha

Still behind on the bible reading.  5 days this time.

No debt paid off, although I did make a pretty big Disney trip payment so I guess that could count.

I think one of my goals was to cut back on sugar this year.  I've kind of been bad, but this month I consumed less than normal I think.

I made stuffed peppers this month for my new recipe.  I did it in the crock pot so they were a little mushier than maybe they were supposed to be.  But they were still edible.

I did purge several boxes of stuff.

I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this month.

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