Friday, September 23, 2016

35 weeks ~Mallory~

Sleep:  We are sill struggling at night getting her to sleep (and be we I mean me because Rob crashes in Eleanor's bed with her almost every single night).

And as if spending hours every night wasn't enough, she's up around 5:30 every single morning (plus a wakeup around 3ish).   I can nurse her and lay her in bed with me and she might give me another 45 minutes.

Oh and she only napped in short spurts for the majority of the week.  I'm so tired.

But Tuesday night she went to bed on the first attempt and slept for several hours, and although Wednesday night after finally getting her to bed she slept until 5:30 in her bed.

We did spend on night in a hotel and she spent that night in bed with me.

Apples were new I think.
I'm not sure if she's had pizza before but she enjoyed gnawing on a crust.
Ritz style crackers.
Frozen waffles

She is making the best expressions lately.  I'm constantly cracking up!
I went to the grocery store on Sunday.  I fed her and she fell asleep and I left.  She slept most of the time and did okay with Rob while I was gone.  Then Monday I had to go get a tooth fixed and my mother in law watched her and she did okay then too!

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