Saturday, June 25, 2016

22 Weeks ~Mallory~

She started rolling belly to back this week.

She was sick on Saturday.  Lots of loose diapers, and she puked on me.  She slept a lot but was feeling better the next day.

Naps are better.  Sunday was bad because she didn't sleep, but slowly it's getting better.


No solids although I let her lick a strawberry and a banana and she seemed to like them.

She's actually been nursing a lot less this week.  She just wouldn't latch on or would only nurse for a minute and then be done.  Super frustrating, especially when we were at the zoo yesterday and she was cranky and I just wanted her to nurse.  I don't mind public nursing but don't really love that whole pre-latch where I'm just exposed to the world. 

The girls with their papa. 
sick baby girl

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