Sunday, May 22, 2016

17 Week Update ~Mallory~

I totally forgot to finish this post yesterday.  I forgot to take her picture until after she had fallen asleep.  Ooops!  I thought about it earlier in the day and then got distracted and didn't remember.

Lately she's been fidgeting while nursing, likely because she's getting distracted, and she'll pull back while still latched on and that's a little

Monday she rocked the naps, but Tuesday she did not so maybe she was just super tired from the weekend.

Tuesday she was up at 5:45.  I hadn't gone to bed until after midnight the night before (thank you Eleanor) and seriously struggled.  My awesome mom came over on her work break and I napped for a half an hour or so.  Not much but enough to give me a little boost.

Wednesday she slept in until like 7:30, every other day she's been up around 6:30.

She rolled over from back to belly a few times.  It took a few days and a few times before I saw her do it, but she did it.  (Eleanor was about six months before she did back to belly; although she went belly to back at 3 months)

The shrieking!  Girl gets mad she can't roll, or grab a toy and yells.

But she also 'talks' and coos.  I'm pretty sure she's said 'hi' a few times back to me. lol.

When she wakes up she is all smiles and it's so precious.

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