Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Roud 2: 23 weeks

How far along:   23 weeks.

Baby Size:   A grapefruit 

Weight:  132, up 15 ish pounds


  • Crazy dreams (seriously I've dreamt of Indiana 3 times in the last week, plus something to do with Lularoe nearly every night)
  • Emotional

Maternity Clothes:   Almost all tops, and most bottoms except sweatpants and my lularoe leggings

Sleep:  I had a 2 1/2 hour stretch (just once) and I was like whoa, what is happening?!?

Cravings/Food Aversions:  Not much sounds good lately.

Belly Button: In

Rings on or off:  On

Gender:   Girl? or Boy?  Lol.  Obviously one of those options.  I think girl I guess.

Name:  Boy yes, girl probably, but not so sure. 

Movement: Yes, but it really slowed down over the weekend/early this week and I get so nervous because I have been having some stronger movements. 

Stretch Marks: Yes, and they are darkening around my belly

Best moment:  Not pregnancy related but Eleanor's birthday party was Saturday and her birthday is today

Looking forward to:   Viability week next week

Nervous about: Having 2 kids, Eleanor being jealous

What I miss:  I've never been a big drinker, but a glass of wine every so often was nice or a mixed drink when we would be out to eat.  There are some days I feel like I need that.

Labor signs: Nope

Appointments:  Today for a checkup.  Heart rate was 138/140 and I got my flu shot.  Really relieved after yesterdays incident (See below)

Misc.  I was watching the episodes of Daniel Tiger (Eleanor's favorite) where he becomes a big brother and I thought I was going to cry.  My baby isn't going to be my baby anymore. 

On and scary scary moment for me. I tripped in the garage and fell straight onto my stomach. I immediately called the after hours line since it was after 5, and the on-call doctor said that at this point if I wasn't bleeding or cramping to wait it our. If I started either of those then to head in to the hospital.  I didn't have those issues and I did feel movement so I tried my best to stay calm.  Although I was seriously freaking out crying. 

 And Rob wasn't home and Eleanor was whining about going outside and I was really having a hard time because I just wanted to curl up on the couch.  I bribed her with tv and we cuddled until Rob got home with dinner (because I wasn't about to make it).  I also knew that I had a regular appointment today so that helped with my decision to not go in.  Otherwise I would  have probably done it.   

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