Monday, October 5, 2015

2nd Birthday Party Wrap Up ~PInterest Party Era ~

Months ago I started pinning all these ideas for Eleanor's birthday party.  I debated themes first and then decided on an arts and crafts theme.   She likes to color plus I anticipated back to school sales on supplies.

I pinned food, crafts and decoration ideas.

I purchased a bunch of crayons when they were only 50 cents each to give as favors.

I wanted to get tiny canvas's for all the kids to decorate but Rob was worried about the mess so he said no to that.

Then I thought about getting each kid a wooden cutout letter for their name but that required knowing exactly who was coming so we skipped that. 

So I downgraded and bought plywood circles and squares (also stars but we didn't use those).  The circles and squares were about $3 for a pack of 6 and stars were the same price for 4.

I did have my heart set on getting the paint palates and putting a cupcake in the middle and little candies/sprinkles to decorate them with as something fun for the kids.   I searched stores for these because I was trying to avoid a shipping cost that was as much as the product itself (I think $8 for 12).  I could only find them online so I ordered them here.. The candy/decorations I spent about $10 on.

I also ordered stickers that were clearanced out (as in under $3 for 300) in that same order for the plywood shapes.

I saw so many adorable invitations on etsy but lollygagged and ended up buying some fill in the blank ones from the dollar store that were rainbow colored.  

While I was there I picked up a bunch of tissue paper fans (under $2 each- about $16 total) in different colors, a happy birthday banner (around $2) that coordinated with the invites, which were also around $2 each (I got 2 packs of 8) .   I picked up 2 packs of goody bags that also matched.  8 in each pack for around $2.  

I made cupcake toppers using scrapbook paper I already had.  Circles punched out and glued together with a toothpick in the middle.  Having the supplies on hand made this free.

I made the cupcakes using boxed mix to save money.  I also pinned a bunch of recipes on how to make box caked mix better but didn't do any of that.  I intended on getting some of those fancy piping tips and bags to make them look pretty but decided no one would really care, and I'm sure no one did. 

I wanted to make these, but just ran out of time and felt like I had enough treats. 

I also picked up store  made cookies, and donut holes.  My mother in law was awesome and made sloppy joes and got a veggie tray for us.   2 liters were bought on sale (under $10).  A giant tub of vanilla ice cream and a small one of chocolate (which never got opened) and chocolate syrup - also never opened (totally probably $10).   I used cups and plates leftover from a bachelor party Rob hosted earlier this summer and didn't even bother with bowls for ice cream.  I had spoons on hand I think from her last birthday.  I did pick up forks for a dollar something although I probably didn't need them since there wasn't any food that really needed them. 

I ordered balloons for around $30 inflated (6 star shaped mylar and 3 circle mylar).  We had some helium left in a tank from last year and I used that to blow up latex ones that I spend about $4 on for the kids coming).  

So details aside, I suppose I didn't really save money.  Next year I'll skip some of the decorations and use that to order cupcakes (since I burned the first batch and had to make 3 it was time consuming). 

The problem I had was wanting to do all these great things like I saw on pinterest.  I probably could have found the time, but I didn't really have the ambition and as the party date got closer I realized it did't really matter.  I've never been to a party and been like ohmygoodness they didn't decorate?  What were they thinking?  Sure I notice and remember amazing decorations, but I don't think anything of it when there isn't.   And if I as a woman doesn't care, than I'm sure other women don't and a man certainly wouldn't.  

There is nothing wrong with buying store bought decorations and I had to remember to not feel bad about it.   They were fun and a few of them I think I can re-purpose in Eleanor's big girl room. 

So all in all, Pinterest was great for ideas (and that cupcake thing was a HUGE hit) but I shouldn't have stressed and felt guilt over it not being this perfect party. 


  1. I'm the same way with parties: I pin a bunch of stuff, but then I pick and choose what is actually do-able/cheap. All the kids care about are the presents and the cake. And yes, adults might ooh and ahh over the decorations/Pinterest-y details. But is it worth spending an arm and a leg? No way.

    Also, way to get your balloons from Sparta Variety. I can tell by the ribbons. :-)

  2. P.S. Your party was adorable. That cupcake on a palette thing is an awesome idea.