Saturday, October 10, 2015

Eleanor's 2nd Birthday

October 7th my sweet child turned two.   Rob and I both took the day off of work to make it extra special.

I woke up to her crying and when I looked at my phone it said 6:40.  Eleanor was born at 6:39 so I'm pretty confident in saying she woke up at her exact birth time.  Crazy!

Then we went and got donuts from the local bakery for breakfast and we had donuts, sausage and toast for breakfast.

After that my dad stopped by with another donut for her not knowing we had already gotten her one.

Rob fell asleep and I waited around for him to wake up so we could go somewhere but then he wasn't feeling that well so I just took her here by myself.  I did let her have one present (books) while we waited. 

 I actually took her last year but we just kind of checked out the animals, the corn pit and had a donut.  And minus the donut, we did the same this year.  I was going to take her on the cow train thing but it wasn't running yet.  She did like to look at the animals but wouldn't get up close with them, and she really had a blast in the corn pit area. 

Then it was back home for lunch and a nap. 
After that we all headed to my doctor's appointment (I scheduled it this day knowing I would be off work and it would just be easier)

Since we were near the kids museum and it had been a few months since we'd been there we headed there.  When we walked in the staff up front started singing happy birthday to her (because of her shirt).  She wasn't expecting that (neither was I) and tried to hid in a corner for a moment, but she got a special bracelet so it was good after that. 

Then we went to Golden Corral for dinner.  We hadn't been there in like 4 or 5 years, but I figured I could find something for her, and myself since pregnancy makes me pickier.

Finally back home for presents.

Happy 2nd Birthday Eleanor!

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