Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Round 2: 20 weeks

Then 10 weeks to 20 weeks (bloat to baby bump)

And 20 weeks with Eleanor and 20 weeks with this baby. 

How far along:   20 weeks so halfway...

Baby Size:  A banana,

Weight:  Up 8lbs overall.  Sometimes it's more, sometimes less.  
The weight is really creeping up there now.  I know it happens, but it's hard not to get a little anxious seeing it.


  • Lots of abdominal achiness
  • Hungry all the time.  
  • Sciatic nerve pain.  After sitting on the floor for even short periods of time it hurts when I stand up.  It's generally not horrible, although today was/is worse, but it is there and has been for a week or so. 

Maternity Clothes:  Yes

Sleep:  3 hours a night good?

Cravings/Food Aversions:   I want the oreo's, ice cream, and junk food.  I buy fruit with grand ambitions of eating better but the oreo's tempt me so they win.

Belly Button:  In

Rings on or off: On

Gender:   At the anatomy scan when the tech was by the waist I thought I saw the three lines that would indicate girl, and my heart sank a little.  Not because I wasn't thrilled with a girl, but I didn't want to know.   

But then I thought I saw them again when she was by the heart.  She did tell us to look away when she was by the legs though if we didn't want to know.  
Then I saw the thumbnail image she saved and what looked like the legs and nothing was in between them that I could see, but it was a small image and maybe it was an arm.  I didn't know what I was looking at most of the time anyway so I guess I still don't know.

Name:  Yes to boy, maybe to girl. 

Movement:  Lots now.   

Stretch Marks: I haven't seen any new ones. 

Best moment: Seeing the baby again and having everything look good at the anatomy scan.  I wish we had gotten better pictures; these are it really.

It's arm wrapped around it's leg

Looking forward to:  Not baby related, but it's my birthday tomorrow (Um I'll be 30?) and we are going away (with Eleanor) for the night on Friday (although I'm nervous about this because she is a terrible sleeper when we aren't home) I'm still really hoping for a night away from Eleanor at some point (I've never been away from her for more than 10 hours) before the baby comes.  I'll will miss her, but I don't want the birth of the baby to be the first time I am away from her.  

Nervous about:  Seeing the baby again and feeling movement gave me this oh my word I'm really going to have a baby moment!

What I miss:  Not much this week.

Labor signs: Nope

Appointments:  October 7 (Eleanor's birthday; I made it this day because I was taking the day off work and it was easier than trying to leave work early a different day).

Misc.  I forgot to mention this last week, but we got our newborn photographer.  I messaged the girl I wanted and of course she was already booked.  Ugh!  So she gave me some recommendations and I found someone who was priced within my budget and who's work I liked. 

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