Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dial Baby Wash and Hand Soap Review

In my last review of Dial soap I mentioned how Eleanor was loving to wash her hands (which really means play in the water) and I was happy with a soap that I felt comfortable with her using.  And then Dial sent me some soap specifically formulated for kids.  
This girl was thrilled.  Can you tell?  

Foaming soap is my favorite type of soap (as opposed to bar and liquid) and I love soap with a little scent to it.  This water-melon scent is perfect for summertime.  I love that she can learn proper hygiene through the use of this soap. 

We were also sent Dial baby body and hair wash.  I used this as intended - as a wash and there were no issues.  No reactions, etc...  I also used it by pouring it into the bath and making bubbles.  She love loved it this way.  Bubbles in the bath were a new thing so it was fun.   The one thing I kind of wish it had was a scent. It's unscented and I get that's good for some kids with sensitive skin, but I like a little scent to it. 

You can learn more about their products here.

I was provided these products for review.  All opinions are my own.

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