Tuesday, April 7, 2015

548 Days Old!

18 months!  She's officially a year and half.  She's so little still yet so so smart.  Seriously I think multiple times a day how smart she is.  I'm sure lots of 18 month kids are smart but in my mind 18 months seems so young to know or learn something but she does and blows me away.

Still nursing 3 times a day.  I really want to drop the nap time feeding but I'm scared of how that's going to go.  Not ready to entirely wean yet, but I would love to send her to grandma and grandpa's for the night (that's cool right mom?) and can't do that yet.  

She really loves cheese sticks, and mandarins lately.   She doesn't like peanut butter which surprises me.  I thought kids loved it. If I try peanut butter and jelly she will just pick the jelly off.

She liked hummus, although I think she's had that before.

No sleep for me -  but this is her update  not mine.  She is an early riser.  6:15 is sleeping in for her.
 UGH!  So she wakes up super early and usually naps by 11:30.  I have been trying to get her to bed earlier as a result.  She just doesn't need sleep like other kids I guess.  And for the most part she wakes up happy.

New Skills
Not consistently yet, but she can match her shoes up.

She's also getting better at following commands.  We were sitting in the living room and she wanted to go outside so I told her to go to her room and get some socks.  A minute later she came back into the living room with socks.  So she walked down the hall into her room, opened the sock drawer, got a pair, and came back out.  

She's climbing up onto anything she can.  Thankfully she's pretty good at getting back down.

New Words
A lot of her words may not sound like words to other people but I know what she is saying so that counts to me as a word so I'm listing it. There are a few that she may have said before, but I can't remember. 

  • water
  • car
  • tractor
  • dance
  • poop (she says this anytime she poops/farts)
  • potty
  • comb
  • shoes
  • socks
  • coat
  • out
  • toot toot -This is her trying to say tweet tweet.  She says it anytime she sees a bird. 
  • eye
  • mail man 


She LOVES to dance with Rob, and only Rob.  I can try to get her to dance with me but it's not the same thing.  She will pull Rob into the living room or go over by the radio/ipod dock and say 'dance' so we turn the music on. 

She loves loves loves to be outside.  Seriously.  She will constantly grab her shoes and coat and say out out out. The first time I let her walk on the sidewalk she was so ecstatic. However, she hates hates the grass.  If she falls she will put her hands up and whine until she get's help.  

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