Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap up 8/3

Quick wrap up to end the weekend.

1) Today we went to my sister in laws house and visited with her, her kids and my mother in law.  She always spoils Ellie with clothes and toys.  My niece is a year older (almost to the day; Eleanor's birthday is the 7th, my niece is the 9th) so ELeanor get's a lot of her hand me downs which is so so 

Also trying to get a good picture of a almost ten month old, 1 year old and 4 year old is near impossible.

2) Eleanor and I went blueberry picking on Friday.  She had a great time eating the ones I handed back to her.  We only lasted long enough to pick a few pounds.  It was pretty warm and she was in the ergo on my back and so we both we getting sweaty.  

3) I've been doing these baby food tasting things thanks to a friend who told me about them.  It takes about 30 minutes (plus the 40 minute drive) and I get a $20 Meijer gift card which are great and really help with the groceries.  If you are local and want more information let me know.  I can get a gift card myself for referring you.  The person who I said refereed me got one!

4) Still no job and starting to get stressed.  Especially with her birthday coming up and car insurance due at the same time. We aren't going crazy with her birthday.  I have a few gifts for her that I've won or bought on sale.  Total spent on her gifts is under $20.  We are planning on $200 for her party (including  food, and decorations etc...).  I'm thinking 20-25 people so I don't think that's to bad. 

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