Monday, August 18, 2014

The Eleanor Update: 45 weeks

I started a cry it out sort of routine.  I started at 5 minutes and am up to 7 minutes (assuming she's dry, fed and I think she's just tired). If she's just fussing and whimpering it will be longer. I've heard people say not to pick her up, but stay in there and calm her, and I've tried that but she screams ad stands up in the crib if I try sitting next to her.  Usually I'll last two rounds of the screaming before I give in and nurse her.

Yesterday was Rob's day to get up early with her.  I started it a few weeks ago because I wanted a chance to sleep in at least one day.  She woke up at 7:30 ish, I nursed her and she fell back asleep until 9. The day before was my day to get up early.  She was up by 7:30 and Rob got to sleep in until 9.

Naps have been rough this week.

She's done a few cluster feeds this week.

At the same time there was a day where it seemed like she was a bottomless pit.  She has been eating a lot more solids though.

We had a little beach day yesterday.  I had free passes so we checked out this beach we had never been to.  It was a nice beach and the weather was warm but overcast which kept a lot of people away.  It was a calm lake and there was even a splash pad.  She was a little intimidated by that, but maybe if we go back next year she would love it then.

Exciting news!  She's finally said 'mama' But she only says it when she's mad.  When she sees Rob she will smile and say 'hi dada'  but when I walk away from her or she's not happy she will say mama or make the 'mmm' sound.  That's a new thing this week.

Saturday we took my niece on a train ride for her birthday.  Eleanor had fun on it too.  She likes to people watch and looked out the window. She loves her cousin and my niece is so amazing with her.

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