Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Swagbucks Bonus Sign Up Code!

I know I've posted before about how I use swagbucks to earn some extra spending money (both through paypal cash and Amazon giftcards).

I've been using swagbucks for about 2 years and have earned $75 in paypal cash & $90 in Amazon gift cards.  This might seem like not very much, but I don't spend a ton of time on the site.  I check in daily and do a few of the quick daily polls and occasionally the surverys.  So maybe 5 minutes a day?

If you want to sign up and haven't already, you are in luck because you get 70 bonus swagbucks when you sign up and use the special code: theurbanfam (through March 7) plus you get 30 after you finish your profile.

Once you earn 450 swagbucks you can get a $5 Amazon gift card (a $25 paypal is 2,500).   Gift cards aren't the only thing you can get though.  They have music, books, downloads, household stuff and more.

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