Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 10/26

It's another really short one this week.  I have a few things I could write about for Eleanor, but I'll save them for the weekly update on Monday.

1) I got out of the house a few times by myself (well by myself with Eleanor).  I'm still nervous but it's getting easier.  I wish I could park in the garage though.  I start the car up and bring out the diaper bag, purse, and anything else I'm bringing with me, while Eleanor waits in her car seat inside.  Then I get her and we are ready to go. 

2)  It's obvious I don't enjoy cold or even cooler weather, but the colors around here are beautiful with all the leaves changing.  I'd miss that if I lived somewhere else I think.

3) Yesterday was Rob's dads birthday and he came over for dinner and to share his trip pictures.  I felt bad because I spent most of the evening in the bedroom feeding the baby.  She wanted to eat every hour.  She seems to do that whenever we have people over, maybe it;s a comfort thing?

4) We tried to get newborn/family pictures today.  Eleanor was awake the whole time and by the end was over it and crying so I wasn't able to get a few shots I wanted. Hopefully we got some decent ones at least.

5) Right around the time Eleanor was born (I think I got the email in the hospital) I won a fall food package.  I responded within time and was just waiting.  The other day I got an email from the bloggers who had the giveaway saying that they didn't get my email, due to server switching and thought I didn't respond so they gave my prize away to someone else, and just realized it when someone else said something about emails not getting through.

I started to read it and was thinking well that's not really fair, but oh well.  Then the next paragraph said something along the lines of we feel really bad and to make up for it want to send you a $50 amazon code.  Is that okay?   Um yes, it is.  So I got that this week.  I thought it was great that they did that. 

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