Thursday, October 3, 2013

Making progress~ 40 weeks 2 days

I had an appointment this morning and it went well. 

Because I'm past my date now they did an non stress test (NST) where they hook up a contraction monitor and heart rate monitor and just watch it for a little bit.  It only took 15 minutes maybe.  She's quieter in the mornings anyway so she wasn't moving much.  I was supposed to hit a button every time she moved or I had a contraction, but because she wasn't that active the nurse came in and used a little buzzer thing on my belly and that made her move a little bit.  I was getting a little nervous because the nurse said if she didn't pick up I wouldn't pass it.  I don't know what that would have meant.

When that was over I had the rest of my appointment where they checked to see if I was making progress.  My ob said I'm really close to 3cm, 50-60% thinned out (or effaced), and her head is pretty low.

Last week I was close to 2cm, so it's progress.  He said based on how my cervix opened when he checked, I could go into labor soon.  I'm not putting to much hope into that though.

I have another appointment for Monday afternoon and I will do another nst then, assuming I'm still pregnant.  At this point I'll go twice a week.  I only made the one appointment because I was feeling optimistic that I wouldn't need it, but I also didn't think I would need this one today. 

I'm having some cramping and spotting right now, but that's most likely from being checked.

And now for some fun gifs for reading this personal post :)

This is me: "Come out baby"

This is baby:

And me again:


  1. I hope this isn't too personal..but have you asked them to strip your membranes? That really helped me with Adalyn! It's very uncomfortable but I had her a day or two later. If you make it to Monday's appointment you should ask! All doctors are different, as are pregnancies, but it's worth a shot! Best of luck with everything, enjoy it :)

    1. I forgot to mention it, but he did do it. It was uncomfortable, but not painful like I expected, and it was quick. It's not to personal. It's nice to hear that it did work for you. Hopefully it will work for me too.