Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 8/24

1) Baby girl's room is almost organized. Yeah for progress!  I don't have any clothes over 3 months in her room.  I didn't have space for it.  She has SO many clothes I'm sure she won't even get the chance to wear everything.  I'm planning a post soon of her room just so you can see it.  It started off with a theme, but wound up being a hodgepodge sort of room. 

2) I had baby shower number 3 this past weekend.  It was for my mom's side of the family.  We got the pack in play. It wasn't the print we registered for, but it was the same style.  I didn't need anything fancy.  I don't need the changing stations or all those bells and whistles.  I'm happy with what we got and I do like the print so it was a win.

My parents also got us the car seat which was the last thing we really needed to have. We got this one.  We are debating a second base.  I'm sure we will get one, but considering we don't really have to do separate daycare drop off/pick ups and if necessary we can just switch cars, I'm not sure that it's necessary.

3) I love the kids I watch.  They have their moments, and what kid doesn't, but sometimes I just feel so proud of them.  The 7 year old wanted to have a tea party, so she got out the little tea set and we made real tea together.  She used a medicine dropper to fill the little tea cups from the mug we made the tea in.
Her 12 year old sister made pancakes and she made them small enough to fit on the tea set plates and even sat down with her and participated in the party.
I know that being 12 years old doesn't always mean you want to play with your younger siblings, but it was really a sweet thing for her to do.

4) Tonight is my 10 year high school reunion.  Sometimes it is depressing to me because I feel like I haven't really done much with my life.  Which is silly and all comes down to the fact that I don't feel like I have a 'real job.'  I know I've talked about this before, and logically I know it is silly.  Not everyone could do my job or would want to.
 I have a husband I love, a house that is more than enough space for us to grow in to, and a sweet baby girl who is kicking my belly as I write this.  Really I am blessed and I shouldn't feel like the last 10 years have been a waste. 

5) I'm about to start my last week of work with nothing lined up.  It's nerve wracking and stressful and I feel really bad that I'm kind of looking forward to being done.  I'm sore and constantly feel in pain.  But I'm not about to just sit around and wait for baby to show up.  I have a few projects lined up to do.  I want to make book slings for baby's room, I am planning on making some freezer meals (which should be interesting considering standing for more than a few minutes hurts) & our basement is crazy full of baby stuff and while it's in totes it's still in need of organization.

6) I have another post that I'm planning on writing.  It's an update to one I wrote a long time ago about various ways I've found to earn a little bit of money or rewards for the things I do online.  Here is the original post.

7) My best friend is in town this weekend for our class reunion and my last baby shower at church tomorrow.  Yeah!

8)  As always you can follow me on different social media (See right sidebar).

Enjoy your Saturday!

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