Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 8-17

1) My dad had to put his dog down this week.  This dog was almost 17 years old and it really was time, but I feel really bad for my dad.  My mom said he cried and that she even cried.  My mom is like me in that we aren't really pet lovers.  But this dog had been around since I was in 7th grade (and my 10 year reunion is next week if that says anything), so it was even sad for me.  

2) I had a baby shower for Rob's side of the family this week.  It was a lot of fun and this girl was spoiled.  My sister in law put so much time and effort into it.  She is very crafty and pinterest-y and made the decorations and the game prizes.  She made this blanket and the awesome thing about it is that the dark blue fabric came from the bridesmaid dress she wore in our wedding.  It's folded so the back side shows also.

3)I didn't win much this week, only a $75 gift code to Zutano (I know, only $75!). but I did get a diaper that I bought with a gift code I won a few weeks ago.  It's a newborn size and it is seriously adorable.  I want to buy more newborn cloth diapers because they are so tiny, but we were gifted some size 1 diapers and so Rob doesn't want me to buy more (I have about 10 that will work at that stage).  It makes sense not to spend the money, but it's hard to resist.

4) My birth month board had a gift exchange.  I got my gift this week. Seriously adorable!  I know some people having girls are anti-pink, but I'm not.  I even have some seriously cute girl stuff that isn't pink/purple but I still say bring on the girly stuff!  I love love the gift!  Thanks Jess!  Even Rob liked it, and he thinks my love of that kind of stuff is silly.

5) I had my tdap shot yesterday at my appointment.  Oh my arm is really really sore.  And I watched my sweet nephew today so that probably didn't help much.  But he's so cute and totally worth it.

6) I had my last day of work at my Thursday job this week.  2 more weeks left of my other job.  I'm really getting stressed out about money since I really don't know when my next job will be.  I have nothing lined up at all.  I've been tracking every single penny I spend for almost the last month.  It's kind of sad how little I added to my savings account.

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  1. Love that blanket!! And the girly outfit is adorable! I'm with you - pink is awesome!!