Tuesday, August 6, 2013

32 weeks down, 8 to go!

How far along:  32 weeks

Baby Size: 

Weight:   I hit the 30lb mark this week. 

Just once I would love to make it through a day without crying.  

Maternity Clothes:  Pretty much only them.

Sleep:  The restless leg thing got really bad this week, and with the girl moving so much I can't sleep.  4 hours is the new normal.

I tried the unisom and it worked last night.  I was still up a few times, but was able to fall back asleep each time.

Cravings/Food Aversions:   Pizza again this week.

Belly Button:  It's doing a half in/half out sort of thing

Rings on or off: On when I am out of the house.  Off when I'm home, but I don't usually wear them at home. 

Gender:  Girl

Name:  Eleanor Rose

Movement: Girl must think she's a gymnast or something.  I've had a few that are actually painful. 

Stretch Marks: I have some on my left hip. 

Best moment: My first baby shower was on Sunday. 

Looking forward to:  Meeting her

Nervous about:  Money

What I miss:  Bending over.

Labor signs: Not yet

Appointments:  I had an appointment last week. The nurse was finishing up taking my blood pressure when my doctor peeked in and said he had to go to the hospital for a c-section (he was the on-call).  I was actually annoyed because I knew that the appointment would have only taken a few minutes, but instead I had to wait 20 minutes for the nurse practitioner to come in, just to check the heart and measure me.  Baby measured right on track at 31 weeks and the heartrate was in the 140's which is where it usually is. 

Misc:  I have been trying to walk, but failing horribly.  I am super slow (like unde 2mph) and can usually only go 1/2 mile before I have to stop.  I just walk up and down my neighborhood so I'm never very far away from the house.  I need to take a few short walks everyday to get it in. 


  1. Congrats on your little one. Your little girl will be here before you know it. Hang in there, there are only a few more weeks left!

  2. I was so slow walking around in the last trimester - we have a small hill in the park at the end of the street and would take me 15 minutes to get up it by the end. Thanks so much for sharing, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x