Sunday, January 1, 2017

~Mallory~ 49 weeks

Apparently she is a pro at climbing stairs.  I let her try once in the basement a few weeks ago and she made it up one, but at our friends I decided to see how far she could go and she made it up like 6.  Eleanor never did them this early, but I also never let her try until much later.

Obviously her first Christmas was a big deal!

She had a slight fever Christmas eve and I was worried, but it wasn't to bad.  However she was up like every single hour that night, and the following night I realized that she likely was having drainage from a runny nose, so I tried her on my chest, but ended up getting the rock n play back out and she slept better (not awesome) in that.

When we were having our christmas celebration with Rob's dad/sister his dad was eating a brownie and she was trying so hard to get to papa's brownie.  She literally climbed all over him (see picture) and got in his face.

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