Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Round 2: 29 Weeks

How far along:  29 weeks

Baby Size: 

For some reason this blows my mind.  Eleanor was 20 1/2 inches when she was born.  To have a baby that is likely at least 15 is crazy to me.  That means baby isn't going to grow that much more in length over the next 11 weeks (5-6 inches is a lot still but not much change probably week to week)

Weight:  Up a little from last week, but not much.  Total gained is more than I'd prefer (like 26



  • Reflux
  • Out of breath really easy
  • Restless legs
  • Back pain

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, almost all my tops are maternity (and judging from this weeks picture I'm already outgrowing them).  Most of my bottoms aren't but they are leggings and sweatpants so those work.

Sleep:  This wasn't a good week for sleep.  Rob was gone Friday-Monday and Eleanor decided to nap strike and wake up in the middle of the night screaming.  So I'm tired.

Cravings/Food Aversions:  I feel like I've eaten less overall (still junk food when I do though).  I'm at the point where nothing sounds good.

Belly Button:  A little bit of in and out.  Out if I'm sitting down. 

Rings on or off: On

Gender:   I don't know!

Name:  Boy name is decided, girl first name we are pretty sure of.  Not sure of a middle name. 

Movement: Yep.  I ate a little bit of raw cookie dough the other day and then regretted it and kept pushing my belly and was convinced movement decreased. 

Stretch Marks: Yep and they are getting darker

Best moment: I went through some of the newborn size stuff to see what I had.  I actually don't have that much in terms of newborn winter stuff (like fleece one pieces etc...) for either gender but the itty bitty little girl pants were killing me. 

Looking forward to:  Being done with work at the end of December.  I've got a to do list  and I'm trying to wait until then when I'l have more time.   Plus getting up and down and lifting two toddlers is getting to be a lot. 

Nervous about:  Eleanor adjusting.  She's sweet and all to my belly but until the baby is here I can't be sure how she will really respond. 

What I miss:  Bending over comfortably.  Walking up the steps without being out of breath.

Labor signs:  Nope

Appointments:  December 1 & December 15 (I'll probably have another one that last week of December) and then weekly in January. 


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