Friday, November 20, 2015

Pregnancy the second time around

It's not the same at all.  It's harder in my opinion

Symptoms kick in earlier and seem more intense.   The restless legs I had late second trimester/third trimester last time were here in the first trimester.   Same with the sciatic nerve issues.

Although I only actually threw up a few times with Eleanor and this baby, nausea seemed worse this time.

I'm sure that a lot of these things are worse when you have other kids to care for because you just don't have the ability to sit down and take it easy.  Eleanor and the little one I care for still needed to eat and have their diapers changed etc...

I did my best to limit tv so that when I really needed it I wouldn't feel guilty about it.  Really though it was survival mode at times.  I did the bare minimum when I had to.  As long as Eleanor and the little one were fed and changed I knew they would survive.

Knowing what to expect somewhat was reassuring as well, but it's really hard to not play the comparison game.  You know the whole but Eleanor did this at this point game...

I felt the baby move much earlier this time.  With Eleanor I was 18 weeks and this time 14.  I wasn't sure initially if that's what it even was, but later on I realized it was.  Even so movement was still sporadic until the same point I first felt it with Eleanor.

With Eleanor I was super prepared with lists and plans and had things done early.  This time I still have a list of things to do and get but other than wash some baby laundry this week (which was a waste since I know I will wash it again) and see what I had in terms of newborn winter appropriate attire.  I've done nothing other than those things.

It's not that I'm not excited, it's just that with a toddler and working full time (I wasn't last time) I don't have as much time and attention to give to the baby.

On the other hand it's kind of fun to see how Eleanor is responding.  I know that she really doesn't fully get it.  She's been around babies and other kids and she's had to share me so that's helped to prepare her.  She will often try to lift my shirt and kiss my belly or say things like 'come to big sister baby'  I've told her that the baby will cry a lot and she will repeat this.   But I do think she will be more of a good big sister than a bad one.   She's pretty good at sharing things (toys, snacks etc...) and is an easy going kid which will help.

Another way that pregnancy is different the second time around is the worrying about how the older sibling will adjust.  Like I mentioned, Eleanor is used to sharing me somewhat but that's just between 7 and 6 during the week.   I think about it all the time though.    There is the guilt although I guess this goes along with worry that comes with adding a sibling that wasn't there when I was pregnant the first time.  I did read this article that made me cry a little.

With Eleanor I worried a little about my water breaking in public or having to call Rob at work to come home etc...  With this one I more worry about how I'm going to take care of Eleanor if I'm in labor.  Who's going to watch her?  What if everyone else is at work etc...?

Really though I've had easy pregnancies really and I'm not complaining and I'm happy about it.

If I'm blessed to do it a third time I'm sure I'll be an old pro at it. :)

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