Saturday, March 7, 2015

17 month Update

Some of these I probably mentioned last month. She knows: eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, hair, neck, belly, knees, hands, feet
These are some of her animal sounds: monkey, cat, dog, cow, horse, duck, chicken, rooster, sheep,  snake,

"Hi" "Bye" "Ball" "Bottle" "Baby" "What's that?" "Where did it go" "Mama" "Dada" "Dance" "Snow" "Coat" "Shoes" "Socks" "Cup" "Cheese"

She is moving out of 18 month pants and into 2t/24 (really don't know the difference). Tops are usually 18 month, and shoes are size 4.  Diapers are still size 4.

She's gotten in some more teeth, but I don't know how many.  She doesn't usually let me check but I'm thinking 11.

She's been very snuggly and cuddly lately.  She will come up and put her arms around my neck and I want to melt.

She loves her baby! That's her all time favorite toy.

Cheese is a favorite food.  Anytime I open the fridge she runs for it and says "cheese"

New Skills
She has learned to climb onto furniture and she can get down thankfully as well.

She's starting to figure out how to work an iphone.  I'm trying to cut back on using it around her because she knows to press the home button.

She can wave.  She could say bye before but now she will wave.

Why is she such an early riser?  I wish she would sleep in.   Also she's back to having her middle of the night wake ups.  I really wish that I could night wean her but I'm so tired.  I have a week off coming up later this months.  Maybe then I can work on it.

Naps are usually 2 hours long

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  1. I read somewhere that 24 month pants are bigger in the bottom to allow for a diaper and 2T are smaller for kiddos that are already potty trained :)