Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Silly baby pick me up

The weather is crummy, I haven't left the house since Saturday and am in need of a pick me up.  Assuming you do too, I'm sharing a few cute things my girl has done lately.

1) If I'm nursing her and playing on my phone (so not looking at her) she will grab my face and turn it so I look at her.

2) If I have my phone out to take her picture she was say "eese" (cheese).  Maybe I take to many pictures?  Not that that's really possible. 

3) Rob has been in the hospital a lot lately.  When he got home from stay number 2 he walked in the door, Eleanor walked to him and just clung to his leg.  So sweet.

4) I had a little slide I picked up at a garage sale over the summer that I've pulled out.  She will sit and the bottom and go 'eee' (wheee)

5) I was using the bathroom the other day and she walked in, started pulling the toilet paper out.  I stopped that but let her have what she had already pulled.  She proceeded to rip it into tiny pieces and set it on my slippers

6)  See video below.  I did this once and now she will pick this (drum lid) up and hold it up to her face.

What cute things have your babies/kids done lately?

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